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Rumpo called me racist for saying australia is a desert
Doing pretty good ngl, just join the server bois.
Cell2 wrote on pkdon :d's profile.
haha not even 200rep
Who's going to play The Baron?!
Nikki Minaj is the queen of rap. Without Nicki there would be no female rap. All of these new rappers can thank Nicki for their career. Notice all of these new female rappers were made by Nikki, its no offense to them. Just give Nicki her credit. Nikki Minaj made Doja Cat's career with Say So. Nikki Minaj made Megan's career with Hot Girl Summer. Nikki even made some of the male rappers careers. Nikki pushed NBA Young Boy pushed him into being a mainstream artist when she hopped on What's that speed about. Nikki made sagas career with Whole Lotta Choppas remix. Nikki Minaj is the queen of rap and she's the reason why half of your faves even exist. In conclusion, Nikki Minaj is the best female rapper to ever be born and she is the queen of rap. And she will always be the queen of rap. She's always has been, always will be.
Luky, Chaotikal, Lolz, Medi, calendale forming the avengers

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