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    Merry chirstler

    Merry chirstler
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    Of Sullied Oaths and Broken Things

    “I am absorbed with a delicate thought. It is how poetry has indefinite sensations, to which end music in inessential. Since the comprehension of sweet sound is our most indefinite conception. Music, when combined with a pleasurable idea, is poetry Music, without the idea, is simply music...
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    Two Final Breaths [PK Post]

    Anri - Laying by the two vessels that were once her parents - Anri would lament with dreadful wails of plea. In a moment of dread and confusion, she felt weak against her situation. This loss - The hardest fact of truth she had ever faced. Her maintenance of health deteriorating. Her grief...
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    Reviewed Linguini's Lore Application

    MC Username: 1uee DiscordTag: Linguini#5003 Timezone: CT How well do you know the existing server lore? I know the server well quite well. Learning about the lore, as of now, I know plenty of lore about the Runes, as I have attempted getting magic several times through Runes such as the...
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    Reviewed L1nguini_9's Whitelist Application

    What is your Minecraft username? L1nguini_9 DiscordTag: Linguini#5003 Age (Optional): 16 How did you find out about FantasyRP? Word of Mouth Character Name: Gabriel Character Race: Elf Character Gender: Male Character Age: 32 Describe your...