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  1. Koanda

    A needed Goodbye

    You'll be missed Marshal. I hope real life treats you well.
  2. Koanda

    FantasyRP Server Rules Update #2

    We will not enforce peace at outposts when they are used for diplomacy. Outposts are kept as safe place for new players & individuals, but were never intended to effect rp on the scale of nation conflict
  3. Koanda

    FantasyRP Server Rules Update #2

    I definitely understand your concerns, but moderation will not be looking into people who pass normal items between their personas. We will be enforcing the rule when it comes to stolen items, lore items and the like.
  4. Koanda

    FantasyRP Server Rules Update #2

    This is something that has been enforced on the server for several months now as a way to tone down constant banditry during war times. Proper rp interactions may still occur, such as kidnapping, assassination attempts and other things used to push forward rp conflict.
  5. Koanda

    FantasyRP Server Rules Update #2

    Update on Server Rules As time passes, and the server grows, Moderation has been watching for situations that require more attention & we are continuously seeking ways to tailor the rules to best suit FRP. This post is meant to keep the playerbase informed, below are the significant changes...
  6. Koanda

    Reviewed milkyi's AT Application

    +1, one of the hardest workers, would be a great addition!
  7. Koanda

    Joint Skin Auction

    Skinner: Azie Skin Name: Sophia Discord Tag: Koanda#1275 Bid(s): 35 gc
  8. Koanda

    Reviewed WendigoKrampus's Ban Appeal

    After review, this appeal is denied. The time this occurred does not lead me to believe you were pulled away for a doctors appointment, and since this is not the first time a warning was given for a similar situation I do not see a reason in removing the ban.
  9. Koanda

    Reviewed WendigoKrampus's Ban Appeal

    Claimed, we'll discuss over discord.
  10. Koanda

    Trickfoot's Ban Appeal

    Claimed, I'll add you on discord to discuss.
  11. Koanda

    Qhrist's Feedback Post

    Keep the comments respectful. Suggestions are a place for civil discussion, name calling & agitation will be warned & deleted.
  12. Koanda

    If you want to be a Mod, apply now! Applications will be handled at the beginning of next week.

    If you want to be a Mod, apply now! Applications will be handled at the beginning of next week.
  13. Koanda

    Reviewed Dragonayr's Ban Appeal

    Claimed. I'll add you on discord.
  14. Koanda

    chaotikal's Alternate Account Application

    Hey, read through Alt Info & follow the instructions to add your alternate account to the whitelist.
  15. Koanda

    The death of the Lion

    A passage is found nestled deep within one of Niserie's journals, a written account of the pairs first meeting reads; "It was just after the portals opened, the streets were abustle with the Ascari, elves celebrating with drink & dance, it was meant to be a celebration. That is until a stray...
  16. Koanda

    Reviewed Ultrabrine's Ban Appeal

    Ban will be increased by two weeks, as mentioned in previous appeal response, you fail to accept a judgement & ask continuously for it to be changed. When a verdict is given, questioning it will not work in your favor.
  17. Koanda

    Reviewed Ultrabrine's Ban Appeal

    Hello, I have reviewed your ban appeal & unfortunately, I will be denying it. Not only because you have been warned for the same things which led to the ban, but also because of your actions in FRP affiliated discords, talking about other rp servers, as well as repeatedly asking for your appeal...
  18. Koanda


    Amari had little knowledge of the war as it progressed, only learning of her King's passing days later. The elfess thought little in that moment, her conscious overridden by the pit in her stomach. "I hope to meet you again."
  19. Koanda

    Hello Roza C :)

    Hello Roza C :)
  20. Koanda

    Reviewed Lauxos_'s Moderator Application

    Denied at this time, but I encourage potentially spending time on another team and reapplying in the future.