A Masquerade Upon the Eclipse


May 12, 2020
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A Night to be Unknown
A Masquerade Ball

Invitations to this event would be scattered widely across the continent,
each decorated with intricate golden leafing painted in the shapes of leaves, vines, & flowers.
If you stop to read it, this is what you will find;

Anonymity is a rarity for most. As we settle into our communities and root ourselves amongst all the rest, we become known even if it is not wished. Each side of this coin have their own draws, but the abilities of the unknown are those which are afforded to few, therefore, on this night we will dawn our masks, we will hide ourselves as we meet to dance and drink with one another. An evening to forget all expectations of us, to shirk the rumors of our truths, and simply be anyone.

For this Masquerade, we ask that you dress in a theme of nature. Color yourself as a rose, wearing a vibrant red, or perhaps a dull green to represent the ivy that clings to the walls of our palace. Or take a completely different approach, choose attire reminiscent of the sunrise. All complete with a mask. We will have a contest for the best dressed with two winners, one man & one woman with fitting prizes for both!

This celebration will be held within the Tower of Ascara at the end of the month of the Eclipse in 5 A.C.

[!] Above is the depiction of a similar gala, a night devoted to elegance, niceties, drinking, dancing, and joy.

Special Invitations are made to each of the following, friends whom we hope will join us for this eve!

MASTER LUDOBRECHT & the people of Aurbryn

KING RICHARD De RETFORD, along with his Kin & Countrymen
As well as the kind hearted People of Barwic

JARL UBBE BLOODAXE & the People of Mjolheim

LORD ARK'AEL, along with the Realm of Avalon

MISS VALKYRIE OF THE FREE CITY OF ZARA & the people of the State

THE HOUSE OF TARRAGON, along with the people of Winterhelm

All that is asked of our guests is for them to remain peaceful for as long as they are within our walls. This night should not be muddied with conflict.

This Event will take place on
Saturday, August 15th, 2020 at 5PM EST/10PM BST
in the Tower of Ascara
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May 12, 2020
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Upon receiving the invitation, the missive is read aloud in the town square by the herald as is tradition for all letters addressed to the people of Barwic. The crowd of villagers throw their hands up in applause, cheering the gracious Queen Niserie in her ivory tower.

From the side, the recently retired Ealdorman of Barwic grins with glee "The people of Barwic have become reputable for their kindness, such is the honour of the gods!"
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