A Threat to Witches and Warlocks alike.


Jul 23, 2020
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Kine Lidomast
[Quickly posted on the notice boards of most magically inclined towns or places such as the Sanctuary of Scholars in Rheynmark, the Astral Sect in Tor Ascara, The Research Center in Tor Ascara, and the White Owl Academy in Valora, a page reads the following in large, black lettering on a paper soaked in orange dye. Very stand-out-ish.]

To all ye knights and mages of Enarion,
to the Astral Sect of Tor Ascara,
to the White Owl's Academy of Valora,
and to the Sanctuary of Rheynmark,

Stop using blood on runes,
lest you summon yet another
sun-forsaken horror to the beautiful land of Enarion.

Witches and warlocks, those who dare use blood to summon and create such horrors;
Those who grasp at the grain of life that falls through their fingers at the sacrifice of
lives .. human and animal, in the attempts to control such horrors;

I wish nothing but damnation upon your empty, rotted skulls.

Vacant is your mind, as nothing but an

idiot would continue to use blood upon
the magical blessings that have graced

our world.

For the love of the children who are starry-eyed,
and for the lives of the men and women who
wish to weave themselves to the grand tapestry of Enarion
by way of magical following and knowledge;

Stop using blood on runes, and stay away from the rune of the swamp forever;
Lest you become the next foe that the forces of Enarion will destroy
in the name of all that is holy.

To any knight, vagabond, or perhaps even a 'Witcher',
Do for the favor of Enarion a grand task;
Prevent people from using blood upon runes, and
should you find one who intentionally spills
their life and sun-gifted breath unto the rune of
Death; Stop them. They are no longer mortal.
They support the tradition of summoning horrors, and as such
should not be treated as living. They are like undead.

If they want to die so badly, let them.

Signed, a mortal.
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