Baltar Seeks mercenaries


Jun 17, 2020
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The gods guard us and the honourable
The great opportunity

Greetings to all who may read this. It is with great pleasure that i may reveal that the seerdom has been visited by a diplomatic envoy from Baltar’s southern empire. They have offered to us the opportunity to help them through mercenaries. They offer great wealth to those who are sent abroad for the duration of four months. During which they will fight that empire’s war.

If anyone finds themselves down on luck and requires money to make, we are willing to accept you and send you on our behalf there. To accept such an opportunity means you shall travel to Baltar. But first, you must make your desire to take upon yourself this task known, by visiting us at the temple of Westholm. From there you shall be guided to the Imperial embassy which is currently being furnished as i write this letter.

To all those who accept such a proposal. I bid you the sun’s grace and safe passage.

Xzavier Fultone
Gwyn Thorpe​
Contact Zvyxx for more information. As i have been told, you are paid 20g for shelving a character for 4 IRL days. This eventline shall result in more eventlines in the future as well.


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