Ech Fìor-Ushkya - The Water Demon of the North


Dec 19, 2021
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Ech Fìor-Ushkya

The Ech Fìor-Ushkya is a water animal shapeshifter that has two forms. The first is a powerful warhorse, modeled after a Clydesdale, usually muddy brown with black and gold dapple, but it can change. The mane can range from pure white to jet black, though it is more common to see it with the former. The second form is a handsome humanoid male, the features which change to depict that which is most attractive to the person viewing it. This means that it can look like any race, any skin color and any hair color. The only thing that remains the same in both forms is the eye color. Similar to how a muddy pond looks from under the water, the eyes of the Ech Fìor-Ushkya are a pond water green with flecks of gold in them

The Ech Fìor-Ushkya was not always a malevolent animal. Once they were a familiar, peaceful animal, a hippocampus. A male hippocampus was taken from the sea by a woman and put in a cage. Bringing her new pet with her, she moved with her family to the north, towards the late Fyrmani. As the Hippocampus was taken farther and farther away from the sea, it cried louder and louder as the magical line connecting it to the ocean grew tighter and tighter. The woman ignored the hippocampus's cries until the line connecting it to the ocean snapped. All the soul in the animal was lost, splintered within the animal's eyes. As the rage of being taken from its home grew, the skies responded in turn. A torrential downpour washed away all the fins and scales of the animal, leaving silky smooth fur that rippled like water, and a mane so soft and long that it looked like a waterfall. The now nameless animal turned its nose to the air, smelling the freshwater that the rain left, standing still. Delighted by the change in her pet, the woman clambered on the back of the animal, running her hands down its powerful neck. As the party rounded a corner, the animal spotted the Foot Lake, a source to Airon, the major river that winds through the continent. The animal rippled, changing in a form known to none- until the woman atop the equine screamed. Her hands had sunken into the back of the animal, as well as her legs. The equine bolted for the lake, and despite how the others in their party tried, they could not catch the beast, though when a man threw a silver coin at the animal in desperation, it smoked and hissed upon impact. As soon as its hooves touched the surface of the water, it dove into the farthest reach of the lake taking the woman with it. She never resurfaced, and her party moved on, mourning her loss to what they now named the Ech Fìor-Ushkya, meaning Freshwater Horse.


The creature is docile in nature until seeing running water, meaning it can be used for mundane tasks and able to be ridden normally. After it sees running freshwater, the beast turns into a complete Harold of chaos. Becoming wild and frantic, it lashes out, biting and kicking to draw blood. If the Ech Fìor-Ushkya sees water in it's humanoid form, it will transform within 5 emotes to equine, and the same reation ensues. If found alone in the wild, it will try and lure you to it's pond or lake in which it lives, but it can easily be swayed to leave it behind.

Combative Prowess

- Quite literally, the Ech Fìor-Ushkya has the strength of a Warhorse in either form, leading it to be very dangerous and very strong. +2 for rolls that are strength-based. The Ech Fìor-Ushkya is also very fast, and its reflexes are increased. +1 for speed.

Water Manipulation - The Ech Fìor-Ushkya is a magical water-based creature, and being such makes its power over the water immensely large. It can conjure waves, throw tendrils of water around and cause fog and mist. Each manipulation lasts for 3 emotes, plus preparation which is 1 emote. The cooldown for each emote is 2 emotes.

Gales of the Storm - When threatened or angered, the Ech Fìor-Ushkya has the ability to conjure a large storm that lasts 5 emotes. This gives everyone -1.5 speed and 2 emotes of blindness. After the 5 emotes are up, the creature is weakened for 4 emotes, and the attacking party's speed returns, though the ground around them will have been turned to mud making it slippery.


The way to kill the creature is either with boiling hot tools or silver weapons in mass.

It can only reproduce if it successfully abducts a female humanoid and draws their blood. The blood of the female and the blood of the Ech Fìor-Ushkya will spawn another Ech Fìor-Ushkya, and the player will be devoured by the offspring - the player will be killed and wake up with a scar on the hip that looks like this with no memory of the events
We aren't doing any of that weird bestiality stuff, much cringe


The Ech Fìor-Ushkya is burned by seawater, as it has broken its bond with the ocean. However, it is not burned by regular saltwater.
I feel that this could be an interesting addition to the Bestiary, as it provides a challenge much similar to a Siren, but is the polar opposite in many ways. It poses more of a challenge being an equine, and much stronger than a humanoid, and is deceptive enough to stay hidden- leading to longer events and more interactions.

The boon from the creature would be as follows-

Eyes of the Shattered Soul ~ The eyes of the Ech Fìor-Ushkya can be used to find one random water-based item or elemental.
Ech- Usage Eye.png

Pelt of the Changer ~ When worn, the pelt changes from soft fur to an adhesive pelt at the wearer's choice- which can be used to trap your enemies


Waterfall Silk ~ Woven from the mane and tail of the Ech Fìor-Ushkya, this fabric is highly coveted for its softness and weightlessness. Shimmery in nature, the fabric turns transparent when wet, making it invisible to the naked eye, as well as any body parts underneath it.

Hairs of the Ech Fìor-Ushkya - Strong horsehair fibers that are nearly invisible when wet, can be used to weave waterfall silk.

-References the former nation of Fyrmani, as well as the Foot Lake and the river Airon. The only change needed to lore is a timestamp for the massive storm caused by the original Ech Fìor-Ushkya
Hope this is to your liking!
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