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Nov 2, 2020
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Enough of all the writing rubbish of the past two posts. You have a religion. Interactions are unlocked. What now?

Interaction Members List:

LeonFrostfire#0555 - Religion Manager
Grady#6747 - Yaen
Imp#6541 - Five Divines
Magnus#2085 - Five Divines

The qualified members of both Lore and Event team, listed above, will do their best to schedule times on request.

What is a religious interaction?

This is a roleplay situation where a character performs actions in service to, or to gain the favour of, their chosen deity. These may be prayers, confessions, sacrifices, tests of faith, spreading the holy word, or many other acts. All of these serve to show the character’s devotion to their deity and spread the deity’s influence.
It also covers moments when a deity responds to the requests of their followers.

How do I do an interaction?

One of two ways.

Discord Submission:

Done by typing out emotes in-game and then sending screenshots of the RP to one of the qualified Team Members listed above. It is less likely that a deity will respond to this method, and can be used majorly in order to gain favour.

If items are being sacrificed, the Team Member will arrange a time or method for those to be handed in.

For the purpose of building up favour, you may submit screenshot evidence of your character carrying out actions that you believe their chosen deity will approve of. These can come from any form of roleplay but must include the character naming their chosen deity.


Mother Rhye took up a large bag of flour, a smaller bag of salt, a pound of butter, along with her holy. She placed each beside her oven which bore their mark. Lastly, she took from the holy altar their essence, a bag of Yeast. "Oh, my Lord Yeastus. They Who Rise.” She bowed her head over what she had gathered. “Please, I beseech you, One of Rising. Allow our cooking ovens to remain pure in their heat. Allow us our humble work to rise beyond which it falls. Allow us to share thy holy food. Allow us to bless this day with our daily bread." She took then a pinch of flour and clapped her hands together. “May they rise.”

Here we have a follower carrying out their god’s desired task, to bake bread to share with others.

In-game Interaction:

For these, you may use the command /LTreq while in game, or reach out directly to one of the Team Members listed above. When using /LTreq please include your discord contact details and the religion you wish to organise an interaction for.

These interactions follow much the same as discord submissions but have a far greater chance of having the deity manifest their power in some way. Especially if their aid is being directly requested.


Mother Rhye carried a sack of flour as she strode up beside Father Weetlan who held a wooden peel in his own. They stood before a newly built oven, one they intended to have blessed. To either side of them were the Brothers Musley and Bran, and the Sister Cornella. Each, in turn, approached Mother Rhye as she held out the sack of flour. All took up a handful of flour, cradling in their hands as they resumed their positions.

As one, they clapped and washed their hands together, sending flour bursting into the air as they began the prayer.
“Oh, my Lord Yeastus.” They spoke unison. “They Who Rise. Please, We call upon your will, They of Golden Loaves. Judge this oven of our making. For we have laboured long, we have laboured hard, and we have laboured true.”
“Please, We beseech you, One of Rising. Allow this oven to remain steadfast as it does thy holy work. Allow it to remain pure and even in its heat. Allow it to purge itself of that which is unclean and halts thy rising hand. Allow it untold years of service to you and thy faithful, though we may pass.”

Father Weetlan now held out the flat of the peel to Mother Rhye, who loaded it with flour. In one swift twist and flick, Father Weetlan launched the flour in an arc over the oven.

As one, they then bowed their heads, arms outstretched to the heavens. “May they rise.”

In this example, the followers of Yeastus are blessing the equivalent of a new altar.

What am I likely to see in an interaction?

If your character has performed well enough, they may receive a sign, some gesture of one fantastical sort or another. Or if they are truly lucky, the deity will communicate with them, perhaps even giving the character a task.

Otherwise, most interactions will go towards building favour, which can then be returned in exchange for blessings or to complete more powerful rituals.

Who, When and Where?


Any character may choose to follow any one religion.
If the character wishes to change from a manifested religion they follow to another, they must inform their religion’s Team member.
Those with a Playable such as wraith or vampire, or a Magic such as rune mages, may not earn favour towards any religion. They may still interact with religions and receive quests if their playable or magic does not conflict with the religion.
An example of playable and religion conflict would be Vampires and the Five Divines.


Characters may participate in religious activities, from which they earn favour, twice weekly. This resets with each character year. Any more beyond two, and they will not gain anymore favour.
Discord submissions must be submitted the week they are role-played out.
A character must be of at least 16 years of age to participate in religious activities. This does not include baptising NPC infants.


Anywhere a character may realistically be.
Places of worship are likely to see better results.

Hints and Tips

It is advised that players should team up with other members of the faith when requesting interactions.

While the main religion posts are considered out of character information, many religions may have character written texts explaining methods of prayer or other details. Libraries are a good place to look for these texts. Please keep in mind, these texts may be prone to inaccuracies.

Other characters are often a wonderful source of information.

If you are unsure if your character’s religion has unlocked interactions, the currently manifested religions may be found here.

If you are unsure of any aspect of religion, please do not hesitate to ask.

Written by LeonFrostfire
Yeastus prayer inspiration by IncognitoOtter
Proofreading by Bowie

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Nov 2, 2020
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Cristoph von Mannhardt | Anastasya Dragic
Change Log

  • Updated Religion Lore Team members list
  • Included that for an interaction to be successful, the deity must be named.
  • Clarified that those with playables or magic may join and interact with religions, provided the deity allows such, but those with pacts to other gods or beings are limited to those pacts.
  • Added a minimum age for religious interactions and rituals, 16.


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